Kate Keene and the Continuous Improvement Process

Client: Novell. Novell wanted to liven up their all-day "Continuous Improvement Process" training course. Sometimes Y proposed a ten minute animated short. Inspired by Dilbert-style humor but maintaining a degree of decorum, the video shows how the CIP can promote quality in any setting. Script, storyboards, character design and animation by Derek Vowles. Sound engineering by Doug Traeger. (Running time: 10 minutes)

Cast & Crew

Kate Keene
Mz. Kelmsley
Leslie Stull
Irate British Guest
Louis the Chef
Robert the Concierge
The Shiftless Clerk
Mz. K’s Secretary
Bill Lawrenson
Narrator Doug Traeger
Desk Clerk Zak Akin
Misc. Male Roles
Derek Vowles
Misc. Female Roles
Susan Egea
Misc. Male Roles
Derek Vowles
Script, Animation, and Direction Derek Vowles
Sound Design and Engineering Doug Traeger
Scanning and Animation Assist Steven Vowles